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Sincil Community Land Trust

Late in 2018 a group of residents and other volunteers gathered together with the encouragement of Lincoln City Council and East Midlands Community-Led Housing to discuss the formation and registration of a Community Land Trust for the Sincil Bank area, with the intention of buying empty properties, regenerating them and providing good quality affordable housing for local people. They formed a steering group to register with the Financial Services Authority under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and apply for Homes England grant funding so that they could purchase empty homes and carry out the work of turning them into good quality housing and renting them out at affordable rents to local families. 


Sincil Community Land Trust successfully registered in March 2019.



What's a Community Land Trust?

A Community Land Trust is a society that is set up to “further the social, economic and environmental interests of the community” by helping regenerate areas of social and economic deprivation.

There are various activities CLT’s can engage in to fulfil this remit; they are non-profit making by law, have an agreed set of rules that they must abide by and are run by a board elected by share-holding members of the Trust.

Any residents of the designated area can be members, along with those with local connections in work or other activities. There are over 260 CLT’s now operating in England and Wales, and the numbers are growing.

Membership of the Sincil Community Land Trust

Anyone who wishes to apply for membership can download the application form here and on payment of £1 can become a voting member for the CLT. They can stand for board membership if they wish. A General Meeting of the Trust is held every year in September and details will be posted on this site.


The Community Hub on Portland Street is the Registered Office of the Sincil CLT and a copy of the Model Rules and the Register of Officers and Shareholders is held there. Membership forms can also be obtained there.

St Andrew's Garden

As part of its remit to improve and regenerate the area, the Sincil Community Land Trust has also become involved in the Pocket Park scheme, which is supported by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. They offer modest funding for the reinstatement of otherwise abandoned or neglected open spaces in residential neighbourhoods as small public parks. The Sincil Community Land Trust has successfully applied for funding and has taken out a lease from Lincoln City Council on a former children’s playground in St Andrew’s Close to bring it back to public use as a green space for the community.

In May 2021 the Sincil Community Land Trust were proud to open St Andrew's Park to the public. The park provides a peaceful space for residents, wildlife, and wildflowers. Native Silver Birches sit in the middle of the park with a sweeping path and benches. The CLT have hosted events and workshops for local residents and schools. The garden is open daily for anyone to enjoy.

The Sincil Community Land Trust's Policy can be downloaded by clicking, here.

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