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Vote for Sincil's Lockdown Champions

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The past few months have been a challenging time for us all, and we continue to face new tests as we adapt to different ‘normals.’

As we begin to emerge from lockdown restrictions, the Sincil Bank Community Partnership does however want to celebrate some of the amazing acts of kindness that have happened in the area during the past months, and give people an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to those that have made a difference.
Perhaps your neighbour did your shopping for you every week?
Maybe the local baker started doing deliveries?
Did someone go above and beyond to make you smile?

We have four categories that you can nominate your champion for, the winners with the most nominations in each category will be selected as the winner and will receive a special gift from the Lincolnshire Co-Op.

The categories are:
* Children's Champion: going above and beyond for the under 16s
* Shielding Superhero: going above and beyond for the vulnerable
* The Ultimate Under 18: All those under the age of 18 who have made a difference
* Brilliant Business: local business or group that helped residents

More information can be found on the Lincoln City Foundation website including a link to the nomination form - please click here

Nominations close: Tuesday 21st July at 8pm

We cannot wait to be inspired by some of the stories you will share!

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