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Training Opportunity

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Green Synergy are offering a training opportunity.

Here is an overview of the course

L2 Award in Work-based Horticulture

  • The course will cover the maintenance of ornamental areas and use of the main tools for outdoor gardening.

  • It is aimed at those new to horticulture or who are amateur gardeners and want to get a professional qualification.

  • The qualification will enable learners to work as self-employed gardeners or be employed by landscaping companies.

  • The course is practical, and students are mostly assessed while they work.

  • It will run three days per week for 6 weeks. Attending all sessions is a requirement to get the qualification.

  • Start dates: 1/09 and 27/10

  • Proof of unemployment is a requirement to enrol

In addition to this qualification, learners will also get a PA1/PA6 and strimming certificates. First aid, manual handling and fire safety courses are also included.

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Jul 22, 2022

Oh you have to be unemployed! Seems a little unfair on those who are employed!

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