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Sincil Bank Community and University of Lincoln Join Forces

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

An aim of the Place Based Social Action project in Sincil Bank is to increase skills and bring greater opportunities for different people to interact together in a variety of forums.

We are happy to report that a collaboration has begun between the local residents and a cohort of students from the University of Lincoln. The students are all studying either project or events management and have committed to sharing their learning with us. The first online event was an introduction of those involved and an outline of how events can be planned and developed in a structured fashion.

It was a pleasure to see ages from all generations interacting, having fun and learning from each other. Local residents have lots of experience organising events and activities so learning was happening in both directions. The students all live in Sincil Bank and have a high degree of motivation to be involved with developing new things in this area.

Senior lecturer Dr.Georgiana Els commented, “Excellent training was delivered by the students to the Sincil Bank community volunteers this evening. They did a brilliant job at engaging community organisers in a friendly professional way. Events and project management was applied in a community context and was explored via digital tools and techniques”

It is an exciting time where after a year of reflection and looking inward people are starting to look outward once again to restart community life outdoors. As the first event was a roaring success the students are now planning to run further events which will be open to new faces as always.

If you would like to find out more about the training or the Place Based Social Action project please contact:

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