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Sincil Bank Annual Report 2020

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A review of progress made across the Sincil Bank Neighbourhood has been published by the Sincil Bank Community Partnership.

Despite the many challenges that have been faced during 2020, work has continued to ensure that projects have been delivered to meet the needs of the Sincil Bank community.

The report offers a summary of key achievements as well as aspirations for 2021.

The Partnership hope that you enjoy reading the report and if you have any questions then please contact the Neighbourhood Team on (01522) 510 157

Click to read the Annual Report here or download it using the link below.

Sincil Bank Annual Report 2020
Download PDF • 10.06MB

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Aug 09, 2022

Funny how mentions the residents voted for residents parking, well the ones that got the consultation, but not really mentioned anywhere else on here, bit suss, like someone getting paid a back hander to force it all through. Any evidence anyone?

little funny how certain 'groups' are all hush hush with it, not trying to point out how bad it is for the community.

getting a £70 parking ticket dropping stuff off from the foodbank to your mates parents

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