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Lockdown Litter Heroes

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sincil Bank River Care and Litter Pick is a well-established group of resident volunteers who over the past years have devoted many hours to removing litter from their neighborhood, as well as maintaining the appearance of the banks along the Sincil Bank River. Whilst large group Litter Picking events have not been possible in order to keep people safe during the pandemic, the group have remained committed to keeping their community tidy. Group Leader, Barbi Gooding, has loaned individuals their own litter picks, gloves and high viz jackets which they have been able to use to pick litter on their own accord or with people from their household. Residents who host ‘Matchday Bins’ in the Sincil Bank area have also offered their refuse bin as a way for extra bags of litter which have collected to be correctly disposed of. During the current lockdown period, the City of Lincoln Council have continued to collect rubbish the River Care and Litter Pick group have collected once a month from an agreed collection point in the neighbourhood. This commitment from the Council has allowed volunteers to complete a community clean up across the area on the same day, but whilst continuing to carrying out the activity solo or in household bubbles, and without any form of group gathering taking place. On Saturday 27th February, 15 local residents attended the latest community clean up, gathering several bags of waste and removing fly tipped items from the neighbourhood.

Well done to all involved and thank you for your ongoing commitment to making the Sincil Bank area a tidier, cleaner neighbourhood for all.

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Jul 22, 2022

When the FORCED residents parking scheme comes in, where will people that are from out of the area park? Chances are the visitor slots will be full anyway, the Green Meenies

will hopefully be swarming around read to issue parking invoices.

Is it against the rules of the visitor scratch cards if there not actually visiting a house/business? At a cost of £1.70 a pop, which you HAVE to pay for and get from city hall, weekday during business hours only, and have to show your ID, when you don't show id when you vote?

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